IED Barcelona at the Route African Creative Laboratory Workshop in Senegal

Project: La Violeta | Visual

Project: La Violeta

IED Barcelona at the Route African Creative Laboratory Workshop in Senegal

Next February 22th at 6.00 p.m in Aula Magna of IED Barcelona will take place the meeting to inform about the Route African Creative Laboratory Workshop in Senegal, an initiative of Artlantique that aims to transforms into objects of design the wood of old African fishing boats. Both projects share a common philosophy: to direct new social necessities towards sustainable development between African and international creatives.

The workshop lasts two weeks. In order to make your stay as enriching as possible we have designed an itinerant plan to visit different workshops located through the country, we will program visits to shops, cultural events and meetings with artists, associations and people in the design field.

The first edition will take place in Senegal within the frame of four regions: it’s capital (Dakar), Thies, Saint Louis and Ziguinchor in the region of Casamance. Senegal is a mosaic of ethnic groups and cultures. It is politically stable, has good internal communications and direct flights from Europe. Dakar and Cape Town share the first place as most creative towns in Africa.


Route African Creative Laboratory provide creative exchanges following the footsteps of creation in its most social dimension, a mutual exchange of knowledge and experiences. Contact with local artisans, learning their techniques and experimenting with them; promote potential business activities that can be durable over time.