IED Barcelona at Sónar +D

Collection: Serial Seeds | Fashion

Collection: Serial Seeds

IED Barcelona at Sónar +D

The project nHz (ɛn-hûrts) done by the students of Graphic and Product Design Carlos Bolívar, Maria Bono, Javier Pinilla and Ricardo Valbuena has been selected to be exhibit at the MarketLab of Sónar + D included at the Sónar 2015 festival.

nHz (ɛn-hûrts) is an interactive installation that brings together science, sound, and programming. With the use of IT, mechanical tools and playing with the laws of physics, nHz is a presentation of organic visuals and sound, generating a sensation of synesthesia. The installation consists of a loudspeaker placed under a container of liquid (non-Newtonian fluid). Using a tablet, the user manipulates the movement of the speaker and the sound frequency activates the liquid, moving it to form many different shapes.