IED Barcelona at Bogota Fashion Week 2018

Collection: Serial Seeds | Fashion

Collection: Serial Seeds


IED Barcelona at Bogota Fashion Week 2018

The Colombian city of Bogota will be hosting a new edition of Bogota Fashion Week 2018 from 24 to 26 April. A team comprising professionals from the sector and teachers from IED Barcelona was in charge of curating the event, captained by Anna Sabater. Teachers Juan Antonio López and Isabel Uribe were also part of the team, with the main aim of internationally promoting the talent of Colombia’s emerging and long‑standing creators and making their names better known.

IED’s CEO, Alessandro Manetti, will be delivering a conference on the future trends of the fashion sector on Wednesday 25 April, as well as sitting at a roundtable to discuss “How to read trends and make wise decisions?” in the EFG Auditorium at the AGORA Convention Hall in Bogotá on that same day. On Thursday 26 April, it will be Anna Sabater’s turn to take part in a roundtable, this time focussing on the challenges of local thinking and action within today’s global market.

The curators have drawn on the concept of The Origin of Colombian Culture to inspire this new edition of BFW, which is dominated by two key areas: one dedicated to fashion shows and another for showrooms and pop-up stores. Designers were asked to base their work on this concept and their collections have been divided into four main themes: tradition, magical tales, wildlife, and art and architecture.

Creativity & Business Scholarships

The Istituto Europeo di Desgin will be awarding two “Creativity & Business Scholarships”, one for IED Barcelona and another one for IED Madrid, to the best collections according to the team of curators, based on the creative process involved, the talent shown and their ability to promote a brand and business.