IED Barcelona and Squadra Group S.A.S. promote innovation in Colombia

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Collection: Serial Seeds

IED Barcelona and Squadra Group S.A.S. promote innovation in Colombia

IED Barcelona Advanced School of Design has signed an agreement with Squadra Group S.A.S., a company specialising in design, architecture and construction, to promote entrepreneurial innovation in Colombia in an academic setting.

The alliance focuses around the design of new products and services for company and institutions through the I+ED Lab, an innovation centre linked with IED Barcelona. I+ED Lab’s philosophy is to encourage university communities to undertake projects that will promote the positioning of companies in the international market.

The agreement between IED Barcelona and Squadra responds to the needs of Latin-American companies that see innovation as being a motor of organisational development and it is a commitment to bring the world of education to companies as a strategy for the future and social responsibility.

The Istituto Europeo di Design (IED), which was founded in Milan in 1966, has extensive experience of both education and the corporate sector. It has over 1,000 agreements with companies in the area of design, fashion, the visual arts, communication and management at its campuses in Italy, Spain and Brazil.

Squadra Group S.A.S. is known for its experience in the Colombian market, since for over 10 years it has been positioned as a multi-disciplinary company that finds integrated solutions with a strong creative content to challenges in innovation, design, architecture, construction, marketing and strategic communication.

The main objective is to promote new ideas on the market using educational resources as a basis for experimentation. The I+ED Lab is a centre specialising in the research and development of new ideas that anticipate new social trends and the needs of industry using a design process methodology that focuses on studying users and their environment.

I+ED Lab is made up of a team of teachers and well-known professionals led by the Spanish multi-disciplinary designer Horge Pérez. Many of them have won awards in professional competitions and together they have created a proactive process that proposes new projects to start-ups, SMEs and large companies.

The alliance is structured as an open innovation model that will expand both partners’ networks of contacts and potential customers. A presentation and launch event is planned for the beginning of September, when academics and professionals will have the opportunity to take part in a number of creative events that will serve as the calling card of the I+ED Lab in Colombia.