IED at the Dubai Design Week 2021

Project: La Violeta | Visual

Project: La Violeta

IED at the Dubai Design Week 2021

IED participates in the Dubai Design Week 2021 taking place from November 8th to 13th with:

  • One physical exhibitions LIGHT SHELTERS, displaying 2 projects by YellowDot Design Studio and Andra Handaric Studio – IED Alumni
  • One public installation, “CYANOSOBA” by Lana Sokolova, Alumnus IED Madrid
  • Several graduation projects selected for the Global Grad Show digital edition.


IED has always believed in young talents and its objective is to support and follow them in their design process. The two selected projects are a perfect balance of passion, creativity and protection of an ecosystem. Knowledge of new materials, upcycling and decluttering enter into our future because it is our duty to give a future to the next generations.

HATCH by Yellowdot Design chose the light and fragility of an egg shell. Assembled with a craftsman’s attitude, they become a new material for creating luminous effects.

ASSEMBLAGE 2.0 by Andra Handric takes us into the world of fashion and textile design. An installation that highlights the protection-fragility binomial of this moment to make us reflect on ourselves as well.

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Cyanosoba – by Lana Sokolova – is a public installation which offers alternative seating to cities combining solar powered lighting solution and tool offering the possibility of measuring the color of the sky.

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Global Grad Show

IED students’ projects selected are: Native by Camilla Bassan, Saphten by Diego Acosta Vidal, Reverso, by Francisco Lara, Stem Kits by Rajat Parmar and Gaye Temizarabaci.

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