Honda CR Dakar: The endurance motorbike of the future



Honda CR Dakar: The endurance motorbike of the future

Paris-Dakar 2030: A 100% electric motorbike is introduced into to the competition, with rechargeable and removable batteries that replace the fuel tank. Made from materials such as carbon fibre, titanium and magnesium, with an integrated GoPro camera to follow the rider’s driving first-hand and a roadbook navigation system that can access journey-related data, the new proposal is designed to completely change the experience of driving through the landscapes of the Paris-Dakar competition.

It isn’t science fiction, rather the proposal of IED Barcelona Transportation Design student Guillem Garriga, who proposed the ‘Honda CR Dakar proto’ for his final degree project, a vehicle that follows the design line that Honda is creating in its Honda R&D studio in Rome, and incorporates a vision of the future within the field of two-wheeled competition.

The student conceived an innovative, risky and resistant design, paying special attention to the emotion of driving, safety and functionality. He uses lightweight materials to withstand the conditions of this type of race, and fewer parts than traditional motorbikes to facilitate repairs and maintenance.

The result of in-depth research, the model is also characterised by its adaptability to hostile conditions and its ergonomics, which facilitate an agile and comfortable driving experience, as well as by its lighting system that includes integrated LEDs, which allow for optimal driving during the nighttime stretches of the route.

The creator of the project, who graduated from the Undergraduate Degree in Transportation Design at IED Barcelona this year (2020), focused his design on the Honda brand following his internship at Honda R&D, which offered to sponsor his final degree project. The student’s collaboration with Honda began in 2018, when he was selected to carry out an internship after winning the Honda Design Competition – Reinvent the Concept of Fun – which included Valerio Aiello, Design Section Manager of Honda R&D Europe, among the members of the jury. 

“The Honda CR Dakar project designed by Guillem for his final thesis at IED shows all his passion for motorbikes and his strong design skills. We are very pleased that we had a chance to cooperate with him during its development”, says Simone Cilli, Honda R&D Europe (Italia). 

Guillem is very clear that he will orient his professional career towards the area of motorcycle design, a field of mobility within which he underlines the importance of electrification: “Although it is already a reality in motorbikes, only those with small cylinder capacities, such as sharing scooters or those designed for urban use, take full advantage of the benefits of electrical energy and batteries. These technologies need to be applied to more varieties of motorcycles.”