HANANAS, more than a team

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Collection: Serial Seeds

HANANAS, more than a team

The Hananas Team is a 7 country, beach-loving, problem-solving, hard-working design alliance based in Barcelona. In a short amount of time, they’ve managed to successfully mix & match their different cultural & professional backgrounds with their nerdy love for design into a single – and their first ever – Kickstarter project.

One, if not the most important role designers have, is to be avid, round the clock, problem solving enthusiasts. A while back, a group of five multidisciplinary former IED Barcelona alumni, joined forces with four other designers from around the globe and set out to solve an issue they, and many other people could relate to: the flip-flop strap catastrophe. In other words, whenever your flip-flop strap snaps and you’re forced to walk around barefoot until you find a decent solution.

Introducing: HANANAS

HANANAS is born from the need to effectively solve that basic – but very inconvenient problem – through simple and adequate design. Its circular, 25mm diameter, 0,76mm thick pineapple-slice shape, offers an immediate solution to flip-flop malfunction by securing the broken strap to the sole in an easy, one-step maneuver. Another cool feature? A pair of HANANAS conveniently fits in a standard ID-1 business card format, making it easy to carry around in your wallet and/or pockets at all times!

#hananasisnotafruit , but it’s still pretty badass

HANANAS was evidently inspired by pineapple slices, and even though it might not taste as yummy as a fresh pineapple, because well, you’re not supposed to eat it; it sure as hell will satisfy your need to keep moving during those warm and splendid summer days.

Use it, share it, and keep on raging!