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Project: La Violeta


Students on the Undergraduate Degree in Fashion Design and the BA (Hons) in Fashion Design presented their final degree collections during a fashion show organised by the IED Barcelona Design University in the Sant Pau Modernist Venue. Three special prizes were awarded: The Franca Sozzani Prize for Best Collection, dedicated to the editor of Vogue Italy, which is awarded by an outstanding international jury; the Isabel Coixet Prize for Best Fashion Film awarded by the acclaimed film director; and the Manuel Outumuro Prize for Best Shooting.

Fashioners of the World

Fashioners of the World is an event to celebrate years of study coming to an end with an exciting fashion show. Creativity, technique and imagination are the driving forces of the Undergraduate Degree in Fashion Design and BA (Hons) in Fashion Design,” explained Alessandro Manetti, Director General of IED Barcelona, regarding the 24 collections displayed at the Sant Pau Modernist Venue.

The colours, sketches, styles and images behind their ideas reveal the enthralling design process they have worked on over the years. Concepts that emanate passion, talent and character. The new generation’s thirst to explore comes to the fore with innovative fabrics, volumes, prints, materials and accessories reflecting the variety of identities that populate our global, contemporary, avant-garde society,” added the Director of IED.

The show rewards the hard work of all of the students and proves the high standards expected of them, as well as the quality of IED Barcelona’s faculty who guided them every step of the way. The students were supported by professionals such as Pilar Pasamontes, Fashion Science Director, and Julia Weems, the Head of the Fashion Department, who happily shared what they know to help students with their final projects.

“As in previous years, we have some very different collections, in line with the spirit of our school. IED Barcelona is keen for students to convey their own identity and personality to ensure they are not enslaved by trends. The huge diversity in Fashioners of the World is the symbol of this show,” added Pilar Pasamontes.

Acknowledged designers such as Lydia Delgado, Juan Vidal, René Zamudio, Sebastián Pons, Juan Salvadó and José Castro worked as the creative directors for these collections, along with stylist Jaume Vidiella who guided the projects produced by students from the Undergraduate Degree in Fashion Design specialising in Style and Fashion Communication.

Franca Sozzani Prize for Best Collection

The “1933” collection by Carla Alberch, a student from the BA (Hons) in Fashion Design, was chosen as the winner by an international jury featuring Elisa Pervinca Bellini, Talent Editor for Vogue Italy, Charo Izquierdo, Director of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid, Marta Coca, Director of 080 Barcelona Fashion, and Estermaria Laruccia, Director of Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week.

The designer drew her inspiration for this collection from her grandfather, who grew up in a family textile printing factory. The concept explores new ways of printing on fabric using the factory’s traditional technique “à la lyonnaise”.

Her seven outfits for men evoke the 1970’s style, which her grandfather used to wear. The concept is a fresh take on the era’s typical attire using natural fabrics such as cotton and silk.  Carla draws on the idea of single items made with raw fabrics and neutral colours to produce high-quality clothing. Craft prints are present throughout the collection, like a memory of the past that lives on in the present – a reconstruction of the company’s original patterns.

Isabel Coixet Prize for Best Fashion Film

The prize rewards the best audio-visual production created by a young student to go with their collection, based on its artistic, aesthetic and creative value. To choose the winner, the acclaimed film director Isabel Coixet highlighted the value of the productions from the point of view of cinematography and talent.

The winning fashion film was “Diary of a grown-up girl” by Beatriz Caballer which was announced in a short thank you video by Isabel Coixet that was played at the end of the fashion show. Beatriz, from the Undergraduate Degree in Fashion Design specialising in Style and Fashion Communication, was inspired by her grandmother, whose life was stricken with the harshness of a post-war period and a series of adversities that would define her character. Her fashion film looks into the quest for one’s own identity, the transition from childhood to maturity and the way certain events can mark our lives.

Manuel Outumuro Prize for Best Shooting

Last but not least, Manuel Outumuro awarded his name-sake prize to the shooting by Amalia Rebollo for her “Eduarda” collection.

“Eduarda” is a collection of seven outfits inspired by puppets which tells a story full of poetry, hesitation, pressure and liberation. White-washed designs that gradually fade into dark grey hues and eventually become brighter to express liberation in a metaphor of a lifetime of experiences.

The items are a nod to Victorian silhouettes with subtle papery touches conveyed by stiff fabrics and airy materials like organza and silk tulle. Corsets, under-garments and rigid fabrics define clean-cut, structured silhouettes that portray a sense of repression and social expectations with a spotless white finish.

A list of other students were also able to show their collections along with the winners:

Joana de Planell – Que va a ser de nos, Mª del Pilar Salas – Resiliencia, Laia Canales – Act 1, Anastasia Yakhimovich – Digital_, Ariadna Bacerra – FEMME, David Albiol – Liberty, Carlota Trias – AMÉ, Mariana Dominguez – Incubus, Estibaliz Saitua – Amama, Daniela Morey – Them and then us, Jailin Zhang – Tyrant, Veronica Cuenca – Trilemma, Luciana Cabrales – Ser, Irene Castro – Quantum Presence, Álvaro Mars – Teatro Paradiso, Roser Garcia – 19.21, Alexandra Gavonel – Bitten by the witch fever, Maria Scarlett Elges – Fragmenstein, Brenda González – Freedom of Panorama, Najjat Guerra – Vacios, Paula Stölt – Grossmutter and Vicente Paolo Chulia – Couture Maladroite.