FIU BCN TOUR in IED Barcelona

Project: NAVIA: People, the city, the sea | Management

Project: NAVIA: People, the city, the sea

FIU BCN TOUR in IED Barcelona

Next February 18th young creative universities and professionals will meet in IED Barcelona for the FIU Bcn Tour, the meeting between emerging and creative professionals to exchange ideas.

IED Barcelona will include selected SPEAKERS to present what’s happening today and to take the pulse of today’s ideas for tomorrow’s challenges along the IED community.

The FIUers have the intervention of Milena Güell, photographer and designer, Silvia Arenas, a journalist for various magazines and online platforms and Martin Across exstudent of BA (Hons) in Fashion Design at IED Barcelona.

PROFIUers will feature Dot Lung, Social Media Marketing Consultant.

The artist Cristina Soler, performs a mural painting in the courtyard of the school and will be a guest DJ at the event.

FIU Bcn Tour is aplatform born in Barcelona in 2014 to give visibility and opportunities to the young creative professionals. It focus on contact the business and professional sector with an annual selection of emerging creative.

Become one of them and boasts of being FIUer! #QUIENFUERAJOVEN

With the support of Montana.

Days: February 18th
Location: IED Barcelona (Biada, 11)
Language: Spanish

To register for the event:

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