Fashion trends SS19

Project: Síntesi | Visual

Project: Síntesi

Fashion trends SS19

Worklife Woman, Timeless Minimalism, Nomadic Cool, Hyper tropical, Garden Party and Leisure Luxe are the concepts that will be setting the trend next summer 2019 according to the world’s leading trend forecasters: WGSN.

WGSN’s Head of Catwalks, Lizzy Bowring, gave a masterclass at the IED Barcelona school for students in Fashion and Management for Creative Industries, where she talked them through the top six trends, colours and must-have items for the next summer season.


Mid-tones and browns are the dominant colours, whilst the star prints will be floral motifs in pastel colours and see-through fabrics combined with bold accessories in orange or lime to evoke an all-new 3D effect. Minimalism is still the main trend, but this time it will take on an asymmetrical approach. Items with a hand-crafted feel made with crochet, tassels or knitted fabrics using sustainable thread will dress the next generation of contemporary nomads, while tropical prints brighten up the tone with striking, vibrant colours. Comfort will be a key priority in next summer’s wardrobe with a focus on practicality inspired by sport conveyed using luxury fabrics, along with tailored suits and feminine details.  

After a frantic tour of the world’s fashion capitals analysing more than 400 collections, WGSN, a consultancy firm for large businesses, can safely reveal the ideal items to invest in next season, along with other more daring styles that we can expect to see in the not-so-distant future. Shirt dresses, oversize sweaters and straight-cut utility trousers are some of the safest bets, while jackets featuring transparencies, romantic mini-dresses for special occasions and city shorts make for more audacious wearing.

To finish off, she highlighted the fact that the major labels would be using more sustainable materials and introducing a new concept: lifewear. “Lifewear is about the clothes we wear on a daily basis to face life; the items that empower us and help us to make a difference in our everyday lives,” explains Lizzy Bowring.