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IED Barcelona collaborations with The Fab Linkage 2018, the second edition of an initiative aimed at collaboration, creative design, and innovation that involves designers, architects, Italian and Spanish sound artists on a path of creation and development of common projects.

The Consulate General of Italy in Barcelona is organizing, for the next 27-28-29 April, the Fab Linkage meeting and boot camp, as one of the main activities of ITmakES.

The event is a workshop of ideas and work in which speakers, moderators and participants work together. The idea is also to generate a strong multidisciplinary and research dialogue between professionals and personalities in the field of architecture, design, manufacturing and experimental music, but also to produce prototypes.

Each day will be marked by inspirational speeches and working sessions at the IAAC, Green Fab Lab in Valldauralabs, IED Barcelona and Noumena – Design Computing Studio / Wasp Hub.

Participation is reserved to the makers selected by the project curators.

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