IED students reinventing the Nutella Unique label

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Project: NAVIA: People, the city, the sea


IED students reinventing the Nutella Unique label

IED is taking part in the Nutella Unique Creathon inside the Nutella Unique campaign. Twenty Graphic Design students from IED Barcelona and IED Madrid have come up with some original, exclusive label designs in under a day’s work using different artistic techniques.

The students have applied their knowledge under the expert guidance of Elenio Pico, an illustrator and teacher at IED, in a creative hackathon that took place at the IED school in Barcelona. The students were briefed before starting to explain that the idea was for each one of them to express their own individual style. “This is an opportunity for you to express yourselves freely, whether your representations are abstract or figurative, responding to emotions, needs or sensations… This is the design dream, working on a completely blank page.”

The winning designs were produced by students Mara Rozas and Marina Nafría, who received a Nutella Unique study grant worth € 500. Their labels managed to convey the sheer pleasure of eating Nutella in a lively image that is sure to appeal to young audiences. The label designed by Mara Rozas shows a series of chocolate animal figures melting, drawing inspiration from her childhood memories of afternoon snacks watching wildlife documentaries. Marina Nafría’s design focuses on the sensations that wash over her when she indulges in Nutella on toast.

The winners were announced on that same day by a jury comprised of: Roberto Torri (Ferrero Director of Institutional Relations), Pol Daurella (Nutella Brand Manager), Alessandro Manetti (Managing Director of IED Barcelona), Dario Assante(Managing Director of IED Madrid), Enric Bajuelo (Head of Visual Communication for IED Barcelona), Oskar Ranz (a teacher in the IED Madrid Visual Communication Department) and Corazón Patiño (IED Madrid Illustration Coordinator).