How can spring water come straight from the tap? We will find out at Dubai Design Week

The dizzying pace at which large cities like Dubai, London and Hong Kong are developing has sparked an interest in nature and sustainable products. Rising from that concern is Stalactite – a solution that can filter and mineralise tap water just like a spring does.

The idea was conceived as an alternative to bottled water that could drastically lessen plastic and packaging waste. Its inventors are Roberto Ayala and Mateo Alcázar, two students from the Masters in Sustainable Design. The project has been selected to take part in the Global Grad Show at Dubai Design Week 2018, which will be taking place from 12 to 17 November.

The Director of the IED Barcelona Masters, Marina Ojan, will also be in Dubai to hold two LEGO® Serious Play® sessions about taking on a collaborative approach for effective methodology and communication.  These workshops will take place on Friday 16 November at the Downtown Design Forum, a platform designed to encourage professionals from around the globe to exchange different points of view about design.

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