IED and Lamborghini redefine the future of luxury transportation

Project: La Violeta | Visual

Project: La Violeta

IED and Lamborghini redefine the future of luxury transportation

Students from the Undergraduate Degree in Transportation Design have designed various proposals for luxury sports cars for the year 2035. The Italian company Lamborghini collaborated with the institution by challenging the young designers to imagine what exclusive vehicles of the future would look like. Cars with built-in parametric fabrics connecting to the emotional state of the driver, sports cars for driving across the dunes of Dubai, cars that shatter gender stereotypes or vehicles with plasma engines were just a few of their design ideas.

Lamborghini suggested they design a vehicle that would imply a true revolution for the automotive sector and, above all, for future users, while at the same time respecting the Italian company’s main values, such as robust style, cutting-edge technology and sophisticated personality with an exclusively innovative design.

The briefing presented by the company called for an unconventional design that would be complemented by a second object, whether this was a vehicle or not, that would bring new functionality to the driving experience. The students from the Undergraduate Degree in Transportation Design responded with projects that contemplate new transport systems capable of travelling through the water by means of typical seaplane elements, vehicles that can turn into motorcycles to avoid traffic congestion or cars that defy gravity by travelling through the air. New emotional mobility systems were also designed to connect the driver to the vehicle through intelligent fabrics that facilitate greater functionality, access and kinematics. 

Inspired by the future of major cities such as Paris and Dubai, ideas were conceived allowing to travel in both urban and natural environments. The designs also ranged from radical, transgressive aesthetics to more subtle, pure aesthetics that shatter the gender stereotypes linked to the driving of sports cars.

Major revolutions in the automotive sector that combine design, luxury and cutting-edge technologies. The students devised projects with systems that merge fashion wearables with transportation design, thereby providing total driving immersion or suggesting the incorporation of plasma propulsion engines so as to be able to travel through water by means of a seaplane’s own systems.

The proposals were created as end-of-course projects and developed in collaboration with Lamborghini over a three-month period during which the students studied the needs of future users and clients of this exclusive Italian company. Guided by transport design teachers and professionals, the projects contribute the latest research in the sector to become true revolutions by 2035. The prototypes were exhibited and presented to a panel of judges comprising the Lamborghini design team, which highlighted “the transgressive vision and passion of the young students from IED Barcelona in anticipating the future of the automotive industry”.