IED conquers Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent with ‘Karont’

Project: La Violeta | Visual

Project: La Violeta

IED conquers Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent with ‘Karont’

As with every edition, MBFSWMadrid advocates for and showcases the talent of the rising stars of the fashion world. Among the new designers participating in the event, a proposal that came to life in the classrooms of IED Barcelona, Karont, stands out, presenting the collection TRECE’  [THIRTEEN].

Behind this project are three of the school’s former Fashion and Graphic Design students: Aleix Díaz, 2020 Fashion Design graduate; the Graphic Artist Paul Lorant, who developed the latest works of Bad Gyal, as well as many other artists and streetwear brands; and Robber Rodríguez, Designer and winner of the award for emerging talent at MBFWM 2020.  

Karont’s hallmarks are its commitment to local creation and quality, with pieces that encompass different unisex visions thanks to an extensive study of pattern making and excellent research into the techniques of screen printing, embroidery and sublimation. With regard to the collection the brand presented on the Madrid catwalk, ‘TRECE’ is inspired by spirituality and life lessons. Each piece is the result of a thorough study of contemporary society, in which its designers, through the use of different styles and silhouettes, represent the integration and heterogeneity of thought in the 21st century.

In the latest edition of this key event on the fashion calendar, a proposal from IED Madrid also hit the runway: ‘Puzzle’, by former student Cristina Ruiz.