Spanish fashion design – in numbers

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Collection: Serial Seeds

Spanish fashion design – in numbers

IED Barcelona has launched the third edition of the “Spanish design – in numbers” report, a financial X-Ray that reveals the relentless growth and significance of fashion design in Spanish economy.

The report was produced by a financial journal that specialises in the fashion business known as ModaES, backed by the support of the Association of Fashion Creators in Spain (ACME) working in collaboration with Madrid’s Regional Council. What the report reveals is the financial magnitude of fashion design within the Spanish economy based on its constant growth and significant contributions.

The study focussed especially on financial activities linked to ACME’s associated brands, revealing a 7.2% increase in the sector’s turnover in 2017 compared to 2016, which meant an aggregate turnover of €474.3 million. This provides a crucial tool for understanding the business context in order to analyse and pin point the fashion sector’s future needs.

Alessandro Manetti, the CEO of the IED Design Univeristy, took part in the report’s presentation in Madrid along with fellow sector professionals including Modesto Lomba (Devota & Lomba), Roberto Torreta, Pepa Bueno (ACME), Charo Izquierdo (Ifema), Paul García (Oteyza) and Juanjo Oliva.

Click here to read the full report. 

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