Two IED Barcelona projects light up the shops in Eix Sarrià over the festive season

Two IED Barcelona projects have joined the initiative by Barcelona City Council and BCD Barcelona Centre de Disseny to illuminate the shops along the Gran de Sarrià street over the Christmas period. A team of students from the Undergraduate Degree in Interior Design and Product Design Courses and a team of students from the Postgraduate Course in Architectural Lighting Design have taken care of lighting up the window displays of the Eix Sarrià Shopping Area in an effort to revamp and boost retail in the area.

The “L’ombra de Nadal” concept was designed by students from the Postgraduate Course in Architectural Lighting Design to decorate the Kinods children’s footwear store. It recreates a Christmas tree through the effect of light, shadows and different colours thanks to a structure made of threads and ribbons using shoelaces.

Cada dia neix un nou pa” is the name of the new decorative feature inside the Forn de Pa Sarrià bakery, designed by students from the Design Department. The name means ‘Every Day a New Bread is Born’ and is inspired by the importance of bread and the beauty of peonies, recreating shapes and volumes that make the window warm and welcoming. For the students, their project conveys the way “everything bread represents touches families at this heart-warming time of year.”



L’ombra del Nadal

Shop: Kinobs (Major de Sarrià, 41)

Students: Clara Alonso Capella, Julia Barberan Almirall, Milena Clausi, Laura Isabel Hasbún Pantaleón, María de Lourdes León Arévalo, Jakeima López Santana, Evelin Sulema Portillo de Obregón, Renzo Luciano Vieira Chacaltana, Lila Villa Uribe.

Tutors: Michela Mezzavilla and Massimiliano Moro.

In collaboration with ROSCO.


Cada dia neix un nou pa

Shop: Forn de Pa Sarrià (Major de Sarrià, 100)

Students from the Design Department: Elizaveta Mamedova and Lea Blanchard (Year 4 of the Undergraduate Degree in Interior Design), Paula Chacartegui (Year 4 of the Advanced Product Design Course)

Tutor: Andrea Soto

In collaboration with Maria Borrell Vilanova, Daniel Cohen, Laura Palacio Moreno, Alessandro Simone, Josep Gelis Blanco (Year 1 students from the Design Department)

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