Documenta Workshop videos

Project: Seat Mergo |

Project: Seat Mergo

Documenta Workshop videos

During the Workshops Week 2014 the students of the Documenta workshop made a documentary for each activity. They used visual resources to communicate in a creative way the work made by their colleagues.

Find below the list of videos that show the development of each workshop and how the students of all the areas work together to share, in multidisciplinary groups, an intensive and productive working week.

Video of the Workshop Heads & Masks
Made by the students: Lola Suleimanova and Koyo Do

Video of the Workshop Useless Beauty
Made by the students: Dylan White and Jae Jun Kim

Video of the Workshop Texture & Structure
Made by the students: Clarence Gauthier and Irena Koykka

Video of the Workshop PixelArt
Made by the students: Miguel A. Bahri and Leonardo Galetti

Video of the Workshop Graphic for Music
Made by the students: Carla Rataus and Maia Cowan

Video of the Workshop Ephemeral World
Made by the students: Olivia Capella and Serene Giles