Do you want to study in English? You can do it at IED Barcelona

Project: Seat Mergo |

Project: Seat Mergo

Do you want to study in English? You can do it at IED Barcelona

Everybody knows that English is an essential and indispensable tool if you want to be a high level professional. IED Barcelona believes in multidisciplinarity, multiculturalism and globalization. For this reason, many of our degrees, masters, specialization courses and summer/winter courses are held in English.

We are convinced that there couldn’t exist any better pack that one combining the studies you’d love to take and the language that matters the most for your future.

It’s a real 2×1!

If you are already convinced that it is the best option to study and you’d like to have this experience in the marvelous city of Barcelona; take a look at our English courses. Find the one that suits you best: Undergraduate Degrees in Fashion, Design, Visual Communication and Management; Master Area, Specialization Courses or intensive Summer and Winter courses.

Also, if you have questions to solve or you want to visit our school in person, call us and make an appointment with one of our advisors.

The IED English courses are:

BACHELOR OF ARTS (HONOURS) 3 Años-Westminster University