Do you know how to manage a photographic project at every stage?

Collection: Serial Seeds | Fashion

Collection: Serial Seeds

Do you know how to manage a photographic project at every stage?

If you have a camera and want to get the best results when communicating your project, hit the CSP in Photography for Creative Professions.

In this program students learn to know and perform the whole process of photographic production and to use image in different advertising supports and social networks. Also, it will help understand the relevance of creating a strategy for products sale and that image matches and reinforces the strategy.



– Know one’s own camera and how to use every function properly to achieve optimum results for the project communication.

– Be able to select the image corresponding to expressive language.

– Take pictures on different places to practice in different situations, not only for lighting, but also for management of permits in public spaces.

– Take pictures with models; learn to manage the whole process from selecting models to selecting the scene, accessories and attrezzo.

– Use of photography in social media.

– Be capable of managing a photographic project at every stage.


Level: Introductory
Calendar: From April 28th to June 25th, 2014
Schedule: from Monday to Thursday from 7 to 10 p.m. (and 4 Saturday mornings for outside practices)
Language: Spanish

Download the syllabus: CSP in Photography for Creative Professions

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