Design your Lamp it at La Capell

Project: Seat Mergo |

Project: Seat Mergo


Design your Lamp it at La Capell

Year‑one students from the Undergraduate Degree Courses and the One‑Year Course in Global Design have been collaborating with the Fragments Bcn company on the “Design Your LAMP IT” contest to come up with innovative proposals based on their creative LAMP IT lamp.

The company will reward the top six projects with the chance to put their work on show at the La Capell Architects Cooperative at number 5 Plaça Nova as from 6 June.

LAMP IT is a lamp made up of a super powerful magnet and a metallic lamp holder. You can place any object you want between the two. Students from IED Barcelona have been studying and conceiving amazing applications to give the room a touch of character and turn the lamp into a special feature.

The winning designs chosen by Fragments were:

Lamp IT shoe laces by Massimo Novicelli and Alessandro Pellerano 

Les Gavarranes by Matias Nadal, Melania Moreno and Mariona Sardá


LEGA by Victoria Figueras and Johan Rincón


Special mention goes to:


The Golden Tissue by Camilla Danielson, Kenzy Abed and Suzana Roso

LEVA by Eugenia Kovynieva, Panna Garal and Renatta Garcia


About The Shape by Juan Hands and Ma Paula Fernandez