Cynthia Buttenklepper wins Vogue’s Mexico Who’s On Next 2018 Contest

Collection: Serial Seeds | Fashion

Collection: Serial Seeds


Cynthia Buttenklepper wins Vogue’s Mexico Who’s On Next 2018 Contest

Former student Cynthia Buttenklepper from the Undergraduate Degree in Fashion Design wins Vogue Mexico’s Who’s On Next contest, a platform promoted by Vogue that selects talented fashion and accessory designers to offer them a financial and editorial boost in their careers.

Cynthia’s label carries her own name and has been on the fashion market since 2011. She has presented eight collections at Mexico Fashion Week and stands out for her ground‑breaking ideas and contemporary designs. What makes Cynthia Buttenklepper items so special is the way they seem to understand and analyse the female body, creating empowering silhouettes.

Her SS19 collection is called “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. 2018”, a name that draws on the idea of mentally separating what is in fact inseparable from its context.

In the designer’s own words, this collection is about “that instant when your eyes only perceive… And for a split second, they evade reality before giving in to stories, concepts, prejudice, and limits. The instant when there are only textures, volumes, shadows, ideas or sensations.” Her collection ranges from terracotta hues to dusty pink, deep blue and rust, contrasting silky flowing fabrics with leather or sportswear material.