Four projects from IED Barcelona at the Milan Salone del Mobile

Project: NAVIA: People, the city, the sea | Management

Project: NAVIA: People, the city, the sea

Four projects from IED Barcelona at the Milan Salone del Mobile

IED Barcelona Design School is participating in Supersalone, the 2021 special edition of the Salone del Mobile Milano, with four projects by the school’s alumni. 

A material made from recycled shells, research that analyses production processes and ways of sitting around the world, a lamp made up of two divisible units, and a collection of erotic jewellery are the proposals of these students, showcased in the different exhibition spaces of this event, a global benchmark for the furniture sector.

Further, IED Barcelona teacher Julia Esqué unveiled the prototype of the ‘Silla Hortensia’ [‘Hydrangea Chair’], designed along with Andrés Reisinger and produced by Moooi. 

Reddo – From Nature to Nature

Francesco Lucini

This project received a Special Mention at The Lost Graduation Show, an exhibition focusing on the work of 2020 and 2021 graduates from design schools from across the world, and which acts as a launch pad for emerging designers.

The result of in-depth research, ‘Reddo’ is a new material, of a modular nature and with organic forms, which transforms oyster shells into 3D printed structures. The aim of the project is focused around creating underwater beds to grow Posidonia, a plant that provides shelter and food for aquatic fauna. 

IG: @francesco.m.lucini

Cross Cultural Chairs

Matteo Guarnaccia

Cross Cultural Chairs’, an initiative that straddles anthropology and design, is present in the Salone’s BASE space, where arts, business, technology and social innovation intersect.

Within the framework of BASE’s programme ‘We Will Design’, Matteo Guarnaccia presented his research based on socio-cultural differences through the use of chairs. The space is host to the eight chairs that are the result of a project developed in eight of the world’s most populated countries, in collaboration with local artisans and design studios.

IG: @crossculturalchairs


Carla Jörgens

The ‘Nähe’ lamp was one of the winning projects of last year’s “Design. A Journey between Italy and Spain”, an award that enabled the manufacture of the product exhibited within the Salone’s Martinelli Luce space. 

With a simple and natural design, it is composed of two parts that can work either separately or together. When it is divided, the level of light emitted from each of them increases. The combinable lights use Arduino, and are perfect for both interior or exterior use, bringing great warmth to the spaces in which they are placed.

IG: @carla.jorgens


Paula Chacártegui 

Kama’ is another of the winning projects of Design. A Journey between Italy and Spain”, produced in collaboration with the brand Alessi, and also present in the latest edition of the Italian exhibition.

It is a collection of erotic jewellery with a fresh and functional design that assert the importance of sex in a healthy lifestyle. 

IG: @paulachacartegui