Students on the Undergraduate Degree in Graphic Design, Product Design and the Diploma in Business Design have submitted four designs to the Premi Catalunya Ecodisseny 2017 , promoted by Agència Catalana de Residus. The initiative is looking for four categories of projects that use design to improve environmentally friendly behaviour: Product Design, Product under Development, Strategy and Young Design.

The students from IED Barcelona have entered the Young Design section of the Product, Strategy or Product under Development category with designs that propose new uses and applications for waste fishing nets from the Port of Barcelona so as to reduce their social, economic and environmental impact and promote a circular economy.

WEDI- we are different_web

PROJECT: WEDI – We Are Different.

STUDENTS: Eduard Vila and Roberto Hernández.

COURSE: Undergraduate Degree in Product Design and Graphic Design.

DESCRIPTION: WEDI – We Are Different makes surf boards out of recycled fishing nets from the Port of Barcelona, a waste product that tends to be forgotten and is difficult to get value from. The project promotes a circular economy and gives new life to these materials by using their properties to produce a sustainable, competitive product.

Units Com Xarxes_web

PROJECT: Units com Xarxes.

STUDENT: Lizeth Vanessa Vargas Barreto.

COURSE: Undergraduate Degree in Product Design.

DESCRIPTION: Units com Xarxes is a strategy that consists of organising workshops for people at risk of social exclusion in which they learn a technique for weaving and sewing fishnets to produce commercial products, for example, flip-flops. The profits from selling the objects produced will go to causes that promote the conservation of the seabed. 



STUDENTS: Ana María Valdivieso Pérez and Sergi Pérez

COURSE: Undergraduate Degree in Product Design and Interior Design

DESCRIPTION: Netsun designs spectacle frames made from waste fishing nets, a material that offers the same quality and durability as any other brand on the market. The first stage in producing them consists of grinding up the nets and then pressing them in a flat-bed mould that melts the material to form the frame.

Blau Orgasmic (3)

PROJECT: Blau Orgasmic.

STUDENTS: Ioana Crasovan.

COURSE: Diploma in Business Design.

DESCRIPTION: Blau Orgasmic is a reusable cork and bag for carrying wine bottles made from old fishing nets collected from the Port of Barcelona. The project is part of the initiative [Organic & Orgasmic] organised by “La Festival” wine shop, which, along with the product, proposes a communication strategy promoting a circular economy, sustainable consumption, and the reuse of fishing nets, and raises awareness of social responsibility.


PROJECT: Fisherman’s Pot

STUDENT: Daniel Román

COURSE: Undergraduate Degree in Product Design

DESCRIPTION: Fisherman’s Pot is a vertical modular flower pot system made with old fishing nets collected from the Port of Barcelona. The nets are a permeable material that helps for a better distribution of the water.

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