When #Hashtags define corporate image

Project: Síntesi | Visual

Project: Síntesi

When #Hashtags define corporate image

In this hyperconnected age, everything is easier when it is interactive. This is the idea that inspired Alejandra Segón, a former student from the Undergraduate Degree in Graphic Design & Motion Graphics, to create her final project “Fluid”: “Society is embracing new ways of connecting and communicating. The way people interact with each other and with the world is becoming more immediate, open and interactive. This trend is challenging brands and businesses to get faster and more agile and forcing them to produce and define images that are equally as vibrant and dynamic,” explains Alejandra.

Her idea stems from a campaign that was designed for the CCCB’s 25th anniversary, where its image varied based on user interactions on social media including hashtags, shares and mentions. 

The image of the campaign features a time code that shows the instant when the form was created, representing a visible change and conveying the idea that it is unexpected and uncontrollable. “Fluid” highlights CCCB’s position as a contemporary cultural centre dedicated to reflecting on and discussing current affairs and worldwide reality.

The former IED student has been invited to present her project during the next edition of Blanc Festival on Thursday 18th October at the Aliança del Poblenou Casino Theatre. This three‑day event includes conferences, masterclasses and activities that revolve around design and professional creativity, with a special focus on emerging talent and acknowledgement for the great masters and pioneers of design in Spain.