Creativity is not limited by confinement

Project: Síntesi | Visual

Project: Síntesi

Creativity is not limited by confinement

Covid-19 has completely changed our lives. This unprecedented context for which we were not prepared has forced us to tackle new challenges and adapt our professions to new formats and technologies. Nevertheless, this situation has not succeeded in bringing design, nor the imagination of creative minds, to a halt; rather, the opposite.

 The days of confinement have become the perfect occasion to experiment and fully develop our artistic potential. Creativity has not stopped, and neither have IED’s students, who have continued to work and propose innovative projects from their homes.

One such proposal, conceived by students of the first, second and third years of the Undergraduate Degrees in Graphic Design and Motion Graphics, from IED Barcelona and IED Madrid, is the creation of the web portal Aptimist is a platform that has brought together students from different pathways to create extremely varied pieces, but all through digital media; an obvious determinant of the situation we are experiencing.

The aim of this project is to use graphic design and humour to turn this complex global scenario upside down and bring out its positive side. Enric Bajuelo, Visual Communication School Managing Director, highlights “the freshness of the ideas and the creative daring” of the work of the students, which he defines as “fast, authentic, almost impulsive and activist”.

Some protagonists of these visual creations are toilet paper, and the stress and chaos generated at the beginning of the confinement. Although we must always bear in mind the importance and seriousness of the situation we are experiencing, it is also important to keep creativity, enthusiasm and passion for design active.

“The joint participation of students and tutors from IED Madrid and IED Barcelona has been especially significant, since it highlights the universality of the social phenomenon generated by Covid-19, and is further a clear example of creative collaboration”, adds Bajuelo.

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