Corona presents its new artisanal flavors in IED Barcelona

Project: La Violeta | Visual

Project: La Violeta


Corona presents its new artisanal flavors in IED Barcelona

During the graduation ceremony of the Summer Courses 2016, the Colombian brand Corona presented Artisan, its new crockery collection with the support of the innovation department I+ED Lab and the Postgraduate in Food Event Design. The event also was the presentation of the ceramics enterprise in the Spanish market with a collection inspired in artisanal crockery with unique shapes and forms.

The event proposed a new gastronomic experience for the assistants with porcelain pieces painted by hand and innovative appetizers. All the trays, dishes, accessories and tea set that compose the Artisan collection have an earth tone palette, and were designed specifically for restaurants and hotels.

IED Barcelona supports the application of design in the gastronomic events and collaborations and offers the Postgraduate in Food Event Design, which already has six editions and it’s the only course that trains design experts in creative and innovative caterings.

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