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IED in Spain has signed a collaboration agreement with the prestigious law firm Gómez Navas, a company specialising in immigration issues with offices in Spain and Colombia.

The aim of this agreement is to provide comprehensive legal advisory services to foreign students enrolled in or currently studying at IED Spain, our alumni, and all of IED Spain’s collaborators who are in need of this service.

Gómez Navas Abogados is a prestigious law firm specialising in legal advisory services in the areas of immigration, employment, criminal and civil law. It also provides a special service called  comprehensive advice and assistance for students, which covers the process right from the management of student visas to obtaining the corresponding student residence card, including registration with the local authorities, finding accommodation and work and/or residence permits, advising and accompanying the student requiring these services through the necessary bureaucratic procedures, with every guarantee to ensure speed, efficiency and compliance with regulations.

This agreement offers IED students and staff who require this service some advantageous conditions in order to successfully finalise all the necessary procedures to be able to reside as a student in Spain, centralising the management of all the documents required.

In addition, the firm offers a telephone consultation service for immigration and employment issues for the Admission and Orientation Departments of each school, thanks to which IED  Spain’s Academic Advisors will be able to adequately guide students throughout the academic year.

The basic services provided under this agreement are:

  • Processing the validation of qualifications obtained abroad and mandatory examination. Validation and exam.
  • Processing ofForeigners’ Identity Card (TIE) for non-European students.
  • Processing of visa from the country of origin.
  • Processing of residence permits for those seeking employment.
  • Processing the activation of health insurance from the country of origin.
  • Processing the activation of health insurance once residing in Europe.
  • Advising students in their search for accommodation in Spain.
  • Annual Membership — Comprehensive advice to the student in all areas required, in particular immigration, employment, civil and criminal law.

For further information, interested students can contact their school’s Student Services Department:

  1. Madrid:
  2. Barcelona:

IED works on the basis of a membership system valid for one year that has a reduced total cost of 50. This amount is annual and provides access to the legal and/or administrative advice services that the student may need. The contracting of services for specific procedures involves the application of other fees that include significant discounts agreed between the two entities.