Five former students from IED Barcelona’s Undergraduate Degree in Fashion Design and Post-Graduate in Fashion Accessories Design will be taking part in the first edition of the Style Trials, which is set to take place in Imagin Cafè on Thursday 7 June at 7 pm.

Alba Llusà with his swimwear brand Duckkiss; Loretto Martí with her Loretto Studio accessories; Sergio Plaza with his Kobra Studio print ideas; Javier Girón with his clothing brand JNorig; and María Vazquez, creative director of the Bolsillo accessory brand, will all be sharing their entrepreneurial fashion projects with an expert audience to boost their brands and products and test the success of their work.

During the event, the audience will be applying an agile and targeted methodology to analyse, share and discuss business, market trends and consumer trends in the emerging fashion design industry. 

The initiative will be driven and guided by Modo Consulting, a business growth platform that aims to provide the right vision, inspiration and tools to create and transform creative projects for cutting‑edge, high‑standing and profitable companies.

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