Campaigns against gender violence for Intermón Oxfam

Project: NAVIA: People, the city, the sea | Management

Project: NAVIA: People, the city, the sea

Campaigns against gender violence for Intermón Oxfam

Design is a key tool in every society’s development. Using it conscientiously and responsibly is one of the values that IED Barcelona is proud to instil in its students. Leveraging ethical principles and social engagement to bring about a positive impact on our surroundings, the Visual Communication Department has been working with the Intermón Oxfam NGO to come up with communication and design strategies and develop pilot campaigns that stand up for women’s rights and the battle against gender violence.

How can creativity and design be used to denounce one of the most devastating violations of human rights?

“Creativity in communication and design must always be based on a sound strategy and a profound understanding of the real world. The aim of these two campaigns is to drive change in society by fostering a shift in the way people see this problem and putting gender violence into context so that our target audiences can understand and relate to it,” explains Rory Lambert, Head of the Final Course Projects.

Intermón Oxfam is fighting to shape a better future – one where everyone can enjoy their rights and opportunities. The challenge given to students on the Undergraduate Degree in Graphic Design and the IED Diploma in Creative Advertising and Branding as the topic for their final course projects was to produce a global campaign to raise awareness towards the work of this NGO in the fight against gender violence and social awareness.

Project: DiccionariOxfam

Student: Sonmi Han (South Korea)

Course: Undergraduate Degree in Graphic Design

DiccionariOxfam is a platform encouraging new generations to reinvent language so as to suppress some of the sexist terms and expressions used in Spanish. The idea stems from the need to make society aware of the power of words. The project uses digital and physical apps to insert new terms or redefine existing concepts on the platform in an effort to create a new universe that will put an end to gender stereotypes.

Project: 100 años esperando (100 years waiting)

Student: Daniel Carreño (Colombia)

Course: IED Diploma in Creative Advertising and Branding

“100 años esperando” is a communication campaign drawing on the findings of a series of studies which suggest that gender equality is still a century away. The proposal intends to underline how far away we are from achieving full equality. With the goal of stirring up a change in the collective mindset, the idea is to hold a series of events that deliberately start 10 to 15 minutes late, as well as developing BTL creativities in waiting areas at bus stations or airports, for instance, inviting people to reflect and encouraging them to support this cause. Areas like these often give rise to tense and frustrating situations, so the campaign seeks to raise people’s awareness, invite them to get involved using their social media and help the message to resonate even louder in our society.