Bitbump – music through blended reality

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Project: NAVIA: People, the city, the sea


Bitbump – music through blended reality

Students from the Masters in Interaction Design went to Sónar+D 2018 to present bitbump, a new service that allows listeners to enjoy music in a whole new way.

Bitbump was conceived as a service to create customised music playlists and print them on an LP using 3D printing technology. Adding to the innovative drive behind this idea and thanks to the research carried out by Hewlett-Packard into blended reality, the students will also be creating exclusive visual designs for each cover and box according to the musical selection.

The design will vary based on the combination of songs chosen in the playlist, leading to a unique visual composition. This service also includes augmented reality headsets to provide a fully customised visual experience according to the design created, creating a unique way to experience 100% personalised music.

The concept was designed by students Brach Herzel, Ardwin Hernández, Caterina Armenter, David Cabrito Nieto, Estefanía Farias, Laura Ochoa, Michel Chang and Yanfe Pedrosa.