Best Thesis Awards 2022: Creative freedom, revisited traditions and connection with nature

Collection: Serial Seeds | Fashion

Collection: Serial Seeds

Best Thesis Awards 2022: Creative freedom, revisited traditions and connection with nature

The exaltation of freedom, connections with nature and the revision of traditions from a contemporary perspective are key features of the final projects recognised by this year’s IED Barcelona Best Thesis Awards

The four proposals, from the areas of Design, Management & Design Strategies, Fashion, and  Visual Communication, convey the interests and concerns of a new generation of designers reaching the end of their journeys at the school. Though addressing a range of themes, they all share the hallmark of IED: innovation through design thinking.  

These are the results: 


Daria Gorkun

Product Design

‘Midori’ is an ergonomic furniture system for the libraries of the future, conceived as sanctuaries of information that should facilitate learning through an atmosphere of calm and peace.

To this end, the project is based on organic and rounded forms, as well as the use of natural materials that are perfectly integrated into an environment open to nature. With a commitment to parametric design, the furniture contemplates storage for both physical and digital material, and incorporates augmented reality technologies through which to consult them. 

This thesis responds to the challenge set by the company SEDUS to students from the Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design and Product Design programmes: to conceive new educational spaces and experiences for schools, institutions, private organisations and virtual environments.

Pont al Palau. Clásicamente contemporáneo

Xabier Isasti Arregi 

Graphic Design

‘Pont al Palau’ is conceived as a dynamic, multi-sensory festival, whose name (Bridge to the Palau, Classically Contemporary) alludes to the intention of connecting two dots: young people and classical music.

The project proposes a visual identity based on in-depth research into the visual history of the renowned concert hall Palau de la Música and the Catalan Choral Society Orfeó Català from 1901 to the present day. The result is the identification of the most representative graphic elements, to be incorporated into new languages.

The key axis of the project is the development of a new typeface, called “Pont-Display”, designed exclusively for the festival. Built upon a modernist base that makes reference to the architectural work of Lluís Domènech i Montaner, it incorporates different finishes, serifs and forms rescued through the research carried out. 

The graphic heritage is also present in the colour palette, which has been intensified to convey a sense of modernity, as well as in some aspects of the copy of the different graphic formats, such as tickets and posters.

With regard to the various graphic applications, the student makes use of the contemporary concept of stickers to distribute information. He has also designed different materials that require the use of augmented reality or video projections, in order to provide a new user experience.  

Mar y Avisa

Marc Sanz Pey

Fashion Design

‘Mar y Avisa’ is an exaltation of personal freedom by way of a journey through the history of Ibiza. Choosing two key moments in the island’s history — the corsair invasions of the 17th century and its golden age with the arrival of the hippy movement — this men’s collection hypothesises a utopian society where both cultures converge. 

The result of this combination, which sees influences from 70s rock and gonzo journalism unite, is an aesthetic proposal filled with symbolism.  

The looks include classic garments inspired by 16th century jackets, but deconstructed with a rock touch, and looser, more lightweight pieces. Pirate flags, hippy embroidery and skirts given volume by underlayers, as well as the use of the patchwork technique, are some of the distinctive features of this collection.  

Made in Slow

Isabel Fuertes, Inés Montesinos and Marc de Verdonces

IED Diploma in Fashion Marketing and Communication

This proposal aims to extend the line of business of Made in Slow, a Spanish platform created to recover and preserve traditional heritage and values.

Focusing on the recovery of Spanish merino wool and highlighting its value, the project stems from an in-depth analysis of this sector and the fashion industry in a bid to identify opportunities through which to offer a new service. In this way, it aims to provide support to both emerging and established designers; from the supply of raw materials to the manufacturing of the final garment.

In the ideation and development phases of this full service, aspects such as the quality of the wool and the commitment to sustainable processes stand out. Made In Slow is foreseen to be present throughout the whole value chain, guaranteeing local production, traceability and transparency across all aspects of the process.