Collection: Serial Seeds | Fashion

Collection: Serial Seeds


One more year, IED Barcelona celebrates the Best Thesis Awards that collect the best projects in each of the four areas of the school. The work done in these theses has been compromised by an exceptional situation: a global pandemic. However, in these difficult moments, creativity and design have helped us on facing new future challenges and creating new solutions to build a better society.

These four theses, for example, propose innovative alternatives for mobility and urbanization in the future cities, spaces that help humans to reconnect with nature, fashion collections that are made in a sustainable way, and new services that reinforce the feeling between user and experience.

The winners from this year’s edition are the following: 

-Best Visual Communication Thesis Award

Project ‘Travel Wonders written for You’ from the student Nicole Pagnut of the Undergraduate Degree in Graphic Design, Creative Advertising and Branding, itinerary. 

Under the slogan “The essence of travel is living authentic stories”, this project connects the essence of traveling and the feelings and emotions you get from reading a book. Following this idea, the student proposes three actions that will immerse the traveler into the trip: A traveling library, to drive across Route 50 in the USA,  an exclusive and designed passport holder and a set of cards with tailored experiences.

-Best Fashion Thesis Award

Project ‘Koyaaniskatsi’ from the student Carla Corpas of the Undergraduate Degree in Fashion Design.

This collection is an outbreak of all the feelings that wild man have when he has to leave the rural area to go toward the city. Koyaanisqatsi is made from a handmade and sustainable process, in which nature is the main subject. The garments are dyed with plants, rust, species and mud, among other natural elements.

-Best Design Thesis

Project ‘Frequenza’ from the student Valentina Loffa of the Undergraduate Degree in Interior Design.

This proposal wants to bring nature closer to the citizens of Barcelona by creating a space conceived as a plant clinic and educational workshop. The design uses an intelligent facade that would reduce the high noise pollution in the Parc de la Ciutadella area.

-Best Management & Design Strategies Thesis Award

Project ‘SEAT DNA’, from the students Emma Ek, Marián Ruíz y Miguel Ángel De la Campa, of the BA (Hons) in Business Design.

DNA (Drive, Navigate and Advance) is a service that wants to improve the future of micro-mobility in Barcelona through helping users on moving around the city and at the same time, encouraging them to explore new places. To do so, the project creates a community of users and partners who are connected through an App.