Bertone – Påsprång | Best of the best Thesis Design 2013

Project: La Violeta | Visual

Project: La Violeta

Bertone – Påsprång | Best of the best Thesis Design 2013

Every year the IED Barcelona Best Thesis Awards take place at our headquarters. The project by students Alessandra Colella and Sanna Völker, Pårsprång, which researches on new concepts for mobility in the future, was the overall winner.

Don’t miss the video summary of the Best of the Best Thesis 2013 with the special interventions of the Executive Brand & Design Director of Bertone, the famous Italian brand specialized in automotive design, congratulating our students on the high professional level they have shown.


Best of the Best Thesis 2013 video

+info: Undergraduate Degree in Product Design

+info: Undergraduate Degree in Product Design, Transportation Design

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