Beabloo and IED Barcelona Collaborate on Innovative Projects that Join Technology and Creativity

Collection: Serial Seeds | Fashion

Collection: Serial Seeds

Beabloo and IED Barcelona Collaborate on Innovative Projects that Join Technology and Creativity

Beabloo and the IED Barcelona Design University signed a collaboration deal that includes digitizing the school with digital signage, analytics solutions and artificial intelligence to reward student talent.

The first collaboration project is digitizing an exhibit at IED Barcelona that showcases student designs in an innovative way. Some of the projects on display will include 3D-printed glasses, basketball equipment designed specifically for women, and watches made from natural materials. From May 20 to June 7, the IED entrance will use Beabloo solutions to display additional information about the designs on display, and to evaluate which project gets the most attention.

The exhibit will have two areas. One area will have the projects in display cases with codes that visitors can scan with a barcode reader. Screens next to the display case will show information about each project when the corresponding barcode is scanned. This will be an experiential area for visitors to get to know the products by interacting with them. The other area will be equipped with digital signage with vision sensors. These screens will show all the projects and will use the sensors to evaluate the views and attention time for each project.

At the end of the exhibit on June 7, the designs with the best results will win an award. The project will also be on display at the IED Madrid campus, and at the Retail & Brand Experience World Congress organized by Fira Barcelona from May 27–29 at Fira Gran Via in Hospitalet. Beabloo is participating as a Gold Sponsor. Screens equipped with sensors will be installed in the Beabloo booth (#B202) at the event to display the student designs.

The novelty of this contest is that it uses artificial intelligence instead of human judges to decide which are the best designs. Beabloo’s artificial intelligence engine will collect view and attention time data for each project, and automatically determine which generated the most interest and was the most successful.

Beabloo digital signage will show dashboards on additional screens that will provide real-time data on how the contest is going, as well as other relevant content.

The collaboration between Beabloo and IED Barcelona shows how schools can incorporate the latest technologies from the retail sector to train future professionals with the tools and knowledge required to revolutionize the market. All this and more will be included in the Retail Safari, an initiative out of the Retail & Brand Experience World Congress. The Retail Safari will take place on May 28 and 29. It is a guided tour around different locations in Barcelona that are applying the latest, most innovative tech trends successfully. The goal is to make Barcelona a hub for developing all kinds of innovative projects. The school will be a stop on the Safari, making it a meeting point and a great opportunity to get to know this disruptive project.

On June 7 at 11:00 AM in the Magna Room at IED Barcelona, there will be a press conference to present this joint project to the media and a ceremony to award prizes to the winning projects.