Audisia: a dream journey between tradition and digital innovation

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Collection: Serial Seeds

Audisia: a dream journey between tradition and digital innovation

Audisia takes an initial journey towards an unexplored dimension of the territory of the Itria Valley.

This journey will take her to measure with her own potential, her limits, her fears, ambitions and dreams through the archetypes present in the geometries of landscapes.

Audisia will discover the four elements of Nature, fundamental models of all shapes which begin and end in the cosmos searching for its philosophical quintessence.

The development of the journey will come to interpret traditions, unusual perspectives, hidden details in architectures and artifacts with an ever-present appeal to the classicism of the Magna Grecia.

The journey takes on a dreamlike dimension, halfway between art, surrealism, mystical hyperbole, magic ritual, unexpected encounters with mysterious characters, symbols and elements that evoke a new and contemporary shamanism.

The connection with mother nature, the contrast to the digital virtual universe, the human element, the unseen perspective of the Irian landscapes, the magic architecture and symbolism of the trulli: timeless constructions identified by enigmatic icons and enchanting pinnacles, allow  the protagonist of the journey to fulfill an authentic metamorphosis both physical and spiritual, a renaissance that begins with the resurgence of the “mare adriaticum ” through the coastal rocks until reaching Locorotondo – the circular locus – meaning the urban circle generously gives its profile of the Cummerse and its walls as a unique scenario for the projection of a new identity.

Reality or fiction? Dreamlike dimension or different perspective? The final result is descriptive images of the landscape, alternating with digital scenarios developed as an artistic and contemporary representation to tillustrate a unique event as an alternative electronic music festival totally run under the stars: the Festival VIVA!.

3 contemporary shamans help us to tell that the spiritual energy present throughout the region produces a completely special situation compared to other typically summer contexts.

This origin rise in the ancestral hypothesis of an astral connection that would link diagonally the ancient Greece; Cradle of the European civilization and the origin of classical mythology, together with Stonehenge, the universal magical place of northern Europe, passing right through the skies of the Itria Valley.

Shamans also, with their presence, symbolize the new sensitivity of the third millennium generations in the relationship between man and the planet Earth identified through the global enhancement of the environment.

Human being’s respect towards the natural element is shaped by the pursuit of a new set of fundamental values ​​for the existence and survival of mankind in the third millennium: total sustainability, generosity, authenticity, balance between body and mind, freedom of self-expression, collaborative spirit and civic responsibility.

IED Barcelona, ​​with a group of international teachers and students and under the creative supervision of Alessandro Manetti -director of the center- and Lucas Elliot – video designer -, interpreted the journey of Audisia,  (a female  Latin name witha medieval Occitan origin, meaning the one who listen) through the unknown dimensions of the Itria Valley with final landing in the town of Locorotondo.

The result is a 9-minute short film full of intense hypnotic images that will be screened during the final evening of the Festival VIVA!, just after the final concert as the closing event of its first edition.

Over 5 hours of unreleased video, pictures and photographs that have been edited and compacted within the few minutes in the video mapping by 10 students during three months of hard work.

The  music, which is unpublished, has been created by the musician, producer and DJ Susana Hernández Pulido, professor of Ylia art at IED Barcelona, with a solid experience in Festival events such as the latest edition of the Sonar both in Barcelona and Hong Kong.

The result is an experimental and alternative vision – interpretation of the magical dimension of Locorotondo and the Valle d’Itria through the eyes and the psyche of a new argonaut: Audisia, the iconic symbol of the young nomad generation of Europe and of the great electronic music festivals.

A tribute to the past present and future traditions of this rich area, realized in a creative key that comes to an unconventional result.

A project that plays – through images and music – with the unique architectural profile of Locorotondo, which ultimately pays tribute to the syncretic culture of electronic music that is intrinsically linked to the artistic performance of the live format of the Festival VIVA!

The videomapping project “The journey of Audisia” has been possible thanks to the active collaboration ofthe organizers of the Festival VIVA!Turnè, the Club to Club Xplosiva staff and the sponsorship of AUDI Italia.