A kiss between the sea and the mountains

Collection: Serial Seeds | Fashion

Collection: Serial Seeds

A kiss between the sea and the mountains

Students Elena Aubà and Isabel Ruiz from the Undergraduate Degree in Graphic Design were chosen to conceive the new image and packaging for the special-edition gin launched by NUT Empordà under the name Petó (which means ‘kiss’ in Catalan).

The visuals they came up with are inspired by a merge between the sea and the mountains that led them to create amazing new species embodying the unique character of northern Catalonia. “Our idea introduces new species that all come from a blend between real sea and land species found in the region of Empordà. Each hybrid has its own scientific name and was born from a kiss between the sea and the mountains,” explained the designers.

This delicate idea, with its generous dose of surrealism and intelligence, was presented on 31 August in Portbou during the Festa del grafisme. It was the perfect occasion to launch this experimental gin inspired by what the Catalan brand defines as “the convergence between the sea and the mountains, the mermaid and the shepherd.”

Thanks to this project, both the NUT spirits brand and the IED Barcelona’s Visual Communication School were brought together at the Graphic Design Festival on the Costa Brava, giving the students Isabel Ruiz and Kamila Zakhidova a wonderful opportunity to take part in this special event with their visual ideas.