Design Thinking and Co-creation


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  • Exploration Mercury
    VisualFoM141.27 is the name of the piece composed by musical… More Info +
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    Project: Public Menu
    VisualPublic Menu is a magazine that explores the relationship between… More Info +
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    Project: Feat
    VisualFEAT, which refers to the concept of collaboration, is the… More Info +
    DesignMAGMA is a merger of two racing vehicles: a sports… More Info +
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    Project: Lamborghini ETHEREAL
    DesignETHEREAL is a vehicle made up of two parts: an… More Info +
  • Project: Lamborghini ERA
    DesignERA is an electric one-seater car that combines engines and… More Info +


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    Masha Shashkova
    She studied the Master in Interior Design for Commercial Spaces. More Info +
  • Francisco García Hernández
    Francisco García was born in Venezuela and works as a… More Info +
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    Edward Cuming
    Edward Cuming studied the BA (Hons) in Fashion Design. More Info +


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  • Sebastian Pons
    Master of Arts in Fashion Design from the Central Saint… More Info +
  • Enric Bayó
    His career has been focused on helping companies to become… More Info +
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    Francesc Grau Tomàs
    Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Fashion Design from the… More Info +

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