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Project: Seat Mergo



IED Labs are workshops where students learn manual and digital production, clay work and finishes. One of the aims of the Labs is to teach students the art of digital production and rapid prototyping, which is one of the key factors in the creative process. This is the perfect environment for students to discover all kinds of rapid prototyping technology and learn how to use it.

You will find IED Barcelona’s MAKERS LABS on Calle Biada, on the top floor and part of the ground floor. With roughly 260 m2, they contain:

– A Clay LAB for working with clay (44,30 m2)
– A Wood-Iron-Foam LAB to work on traditional handcrafting techniques and practice finishing processes (80.36 m2)
– A Working Space LAB for models and volumes (57,32 m2)
– A Makers LAB to work on digital production using 2D and 3D printing (60 m2)
– A CNC Space for operating the CNC machine (8 m2)