IED Ethical Channel

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IED Ethical Channel

The Ethical Channel is a platform developed for the institution’s employees, teachers and students, as well as for external parties, which allows for the establishment of a mechanism for enquiries and complaints related to the various regulations and principles that should guide the behaviour of all employees, teachers and students.

The aim of this channel is to detect irregular or inappropriate conduct; therefore, we encourage anyone who comes into contact with our products and services to communicate any complaints or suggestions they may have to us. 

The following may be the subject of a complaint:

01. Any violation of the law, policies or procedures in force.

02. Any unlawful act committed by any means against our key stakeholders: students, teachers, civil servants, shareholders, business partners or suppliers; as well as the attempt to cover it up.

03. Any conduct that breaches the ethical standards established within the institution: ethical misconduct or dishonesty by any employee, as well as any situation or action that may involve a conflict of interest.

04. All those situations detected not included in any of the previous sections, and which violate the provisions of the Code of Ethics.

Consequently, any behaviour observed to infringe the law, the Code of Ethics or other mandatory standards (such as protocols and policies in place within the institution) may be reported by means of the Ethical Channel.

IED Complaints Channel Notification Form

Complaints can be made by completing the form or via the following email:
The complaint must be clear and concise, detailing the underlying reasons, so as to be understood by all parties involved.
The company will not tolerate fraudulent complaints or general misuse of this tool. Consequently, the company will sanction any complainant who files false or reckless complaints.