We are stronger with design!

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Project: Seat Mergo

We are stronger with design!


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We are stronger with design! We are stronger with design! We are stronger with design!

Because design unites us and makes us stronger, we want you to keep learning and discovering new techniques and trends that help you in your development as a creative. Learn how technological advances are applied in the different disciplines of design and discover the latest innovations in the sector with our virtual seminars from professionals and teachers. Check out the seminar schedule and programme of content below:

19th March 2020 (FINISHED)

The Impact of Service Design

Itziar Pobes, Coordinator of the Master in Service Design and co-founder of We Question, uses a User Journey Map to investigate and analyse the impact of Service Design.

25th March 2020 (FINISHED)

How is the Fashion Industry Evolving into a Disruptive Technological Shift?

Aldo Sollazzo, Coordinator of the Master in Fashion Technology and Wearables, and CEO of Noumena, gives an online seminar on emerging trends in the fashion industry in the midst of the technological age.

26th March 2020 (FINISHED)

Privacy in Daily Life: New challenges for a new era

Are we aware of the private information we share? Joana Simoes, CTO of CodeOp, reveals situations in our daily routine in which our digital privacy is challenged.

2nd April 2020 (FINISHED)

Car Design: New profiles for new challenges

Ricardo Lafon, Marc Mateu and Giuseppe Busalachi address the incorporation of new technologies in the design of vehicle interiors and the new mobility scenarios of the future.

5th May 2020 (FINISHED)

Transportation Design:Science fiction vs. Reality

Autonomous vehicles, high speed trains or flying cabs. ¿What is fake and what is real about the future of transportation? Find out with Raffaella Perrone, the Design Area Director, and the Coordinator of the Transportation Design Degree, Jesús Iglesias.

7th May 2020 (FINISHED)

Men’s Fashion: Reinterpretation of the traditional techniques from a contemporary vision

Beyond fast fashion, in the world of men’s fashion, a new type of public demand for quality, personalisation and originality in the clothes they wear is on the rise. Surprise yourself with the industry’s latest trends and techniques!

13th May 2020 (FINISHED)

Fashion Design: A Basic Guide Before You Begin Your Journey
 If you plan to orient your studies toward Fashion Design, but you still have many questions that need answering, do not miss this webinar. Fabricio Pérez, coordinator of the BA (Hons) in Fashion Design and Sebastián Pons, teacher of the Undergraduate Degree in Fashion, will share their experiences to help you discover if you want to turn your passion for fashion design into a professional career.  

14th May 2020 (FINISHED)

Graphic Design: Do you need to be creative to be creative?

In today’s age of digitalization, AI and other technologies, creativity is more important than ever. How can we train and develop this skill that has so much value for the job market? Find out with Rory Lambert, Director de Visual Communication Development, during this webinar. 

19/05/2020 (FINISHED)

My room, my identity. How to change your home space without leaving the house
Being happy and feeling comfortable with your domestic space is very important. How can design help you improve your home to ensure you enjoy spending time in it?  Learn some practical tips with  Ignasi Bonjoch and Michela Mezzavila during this webinar.
26th May 2020 (FINISHED)

Business design: What is it and why it is so important for the future?

The current situation is leading to unprecedented scenarios and showing the importance of new, ways of working as well as a new professional profile in charge of identifying innovation opportunities. Find out on this webinar with Gunes Kocabag, Innovation consultant and coordinator of the BA (Hons) in Business Design, and Margarita Solovyeva.

28th May 2020 (FINISHED)

Discovering Artificial Intelligence: Between viability and sci-fi

What is the future of artificial intelligence? Will there come a time when machines will replace us? This webinar will enable you to find out the answers to questions like these, and many others. Don’t miss it!

09/06/2020 (FINISHED)

10 consumer trends that have been accelerated by Covid-19

¿How will consumer trends change in the new post-COVID-19 scenario? Find out on this webinar, presented by Noelia Morales, the 10 consumer trends that will be accelerated because of the current situation. 


The secrets behind the design of a cover

Designing a magazine cover is a creative process that requires time, inspiration and passion. If you want to know the key elements for achieving quality and impactful design, do not miss our next webinar on June 15th with Ricardo Feriche, coordinator of the Undergraduate Degree on Graphic Design.

Day: 15th of June

Time: 6.30 pm

Language: Spanish

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