Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

Project: La Violeta | Visual

Project: La Violeta

Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week


IED Barcelona
Biada 11 Barcelona, 08012
IED Barcelona
IED Barcelona
Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

As Barcelona gets ready to host the Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2019, IED is preparing a workshop on digital manufacturing and new materials. There will also be two designs by students from the Postgraduate Degree in Wedding and Ceremony Dress Design on display inside the Majestic Hotel and the Gratacós Space.

Digital Manufacturing and New Materials

“Fusion where digital manufacturing techniques and new materials merge with hand-crafting tradition” is the name of the workshop that will be held by IED Barcelona Design University in collaboration with the Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week (VBBFW) to address this fusion in bridal fashion.

Visitors will see fabrics and materials that are completely new to the fashion sector, as well as discovering digital production techniques such as 3D printing (by Nomena) and the way they can interact with traditional craftsmanship (by Anna Michie and Georgina Cuadros). The workshop will be an IED collaboration with Noumena and Gratacós.

Gratacós Barcelona Scholarship for Talent

Two designs by Katia Combatti and Hanne Rützou, both of whom are students on the Postgraduate Degree in Wedding and Ceremony Dress Design, have been granted this year’s Gratacós Barcelona Scholarships for Talent. As a reward for their work, the designs will be produced using some of the Gratacós brand’s fabrics and displayed in different sites around the city on the occasion of the VBBFW.


Katia Combatti’s model named “Living Lightness” will be shown inside the Gratacós venue from 8 April until the end of the month, whilst Hanne Rützou’s “Dafne” will stand in the window of the Barcelona Majestic Hotel during the city’s bridal fashion week.

IED presence at VBBFW 2019

Undergraduate Degree in Fashion Design alumni Cristina Tamborero will present her new bridal collection during this edition of the VBBFW 2019. Her designs are known for using haute-couture techniques on contemporary garments using noble textiles and embroideries by hand. The fashion show will take place on April 23rd at 13.30 h.

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