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Project: Síntesi | Visual

Project: Síntesi

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IED Barcelona
IED Barcelona
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From 17th to 19th of July 2019 IED is contributing to the ideas and talent of Sónar+D Universities Hub – along with other universities – with the project A Swarm of Corrupted Seed by Federico Russo – Master course in Visual Arts for the Digital Age, IED Milano; and SONO, by students of the Master in Interaction Design, IED Barcelona.

Positioned at the cutting edge of the electronic music landscape and its interactions with digital culture, Sónar is able to unite established artists with emerging talent, in all areas of musical and audiovisual production.

Sónar+D presents a series of activities designed to be of use to the various creative communities, providing development sessions, opportunities to exchange ideas and tools, as well as opportunities to secure financing. The goal is to facilitate and improve the relationship between creativity, technology, innovation and business in an organic setting geared towards new creative and professional profiles. 


IED participates in Sónar+D Universities Hub with 2 projects:

A Swarm of Corrupted Seed project by Federico Russo – Master course in Visual Arts for the Digital Age – IED Milano.

The work is based on the idea that humans are constantly shaped by their experiences. The installation is developed on three connected hierarchical levels: prints, audio/visual frame moving around those prints and augmented reality app. Prints are still frames from the video and represent all those events we can’t remember, the audiovisual frame symbolises the human being in its dynamic and continuously changing essence, the AR app embodies the connections between people that are the way through the forgotten memories keep on living.


SONO project by a group of students from Master course in Interaction Design – IED Barcelona.

SONO is an audiovisual project that brings tattoos to life by using Augmented Reality to track our movements and interact with our body, effectively turning our tattoos into real instruments that creates music. Each tattoo triggers a custom set of sounds and frequencies which can be modified in real time depending on our body movements. This way, for each tattoo, the user creates a personalized soundscape. SONO allows up to three users to interact simultaneously, creating a common sound with specific harmonies to encourage creative collaboration. Final interactions are recorded and archived in a shared library where participants can revisit their performances as well as getting inspired by others in the community.

Students: Ya Ching Tsai (Mandy), Alan Gabriel Tolosa Parma, Salma Amzil, Caroline Erize, Nour Ibrahim, Noel Maria De Oto Davids, Kerstin Barth, Marija Krsteski 

Coordinators: Jordi Planas and Eduardo de Felipe.


Sónar +D

Date: from July 17th to 20th

Venue:  Fira de Barcelona – Avinguda Rius i Taulet, s/n 08004 Barcelona

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