Sketching Cycle at IED Barcelona: A look at drawing

Project: La Violeta | Visual

Project: La Violeta

Sketching Cycle at IED Barcelona: A look at drawing


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IED Barcelona
IED Barcelona
Sketching Cycle at IED Barcelona: A look at drawing Sketching Cycle at IED Barcelona: A look at drawing Sketching Cycle at IED Barcelona: A look at drawing

IED Barcelona is organising a sketching cycle in November consisting of four dynamic encounters for talking about and drawing creativity, space and sketching. Sketching, the designer’s basic tool, creates new spaces. It is one more medium for communicating with others, it forms an essential part of the conceptualisation process and it makes things leap off the paper onto the screen.

Thursday 5 November, 6:30 p.m.: Flores–Prats. Thinking with your hand.

Flores-Prats is a studio focusing on confronting theory and academic practice with design and construction. Because of their long careers, awards and publications, they have given numerous talks about the importance of sketching in project planning.

Tuesday 10 November, 6:30 p.m.: Eduard Permanyer. A bad sketch is worth more than a good explanation.

Eduard Permanyer is a partner in TDA Arquitectura y Urbanismo. He has had a number of publications related to the construction environment and he will come to share with us his intimate relationship with drawing.

Thursday 19 November, 6:30 p.m.: Mercè Godas and Victor Swasky. From the story to the pixel.

Mercè Godas and Victor Swasky are illustrators from Barcelona. He is interested in narrative and the construction of stories; she works both on paper and on the screen. A dialogue that exceeds the limits imposed on drawing.

Tuesday 24 November, 6:30 p.m.: Rodrigo Rubio. Material and code.

Rodrigo Rubio founded MargenLAB as an architectural firm through which to explore the intersection of ecology, architecture and the new technologies from a multi-scale, multi-disciplinary point of view. 

From the start, MargenLAB has understood sketching to be an operational tool (a map, diagram, algorithm) capable of erasing the borders between planning, measuring and looking, activating bidirectional relationships between the material and the code.

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