Remote Working and Design Thinking

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Project: La Violeta

Remote Working and Design Thinking


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Remote Working and Design Thinking Remote Working and Design Thinking Remote Working and Design Thinking

In the midst of constant change and transformation, innovation is more important than ever. In the business world in particular, fostering creative development and keeping up to date with the latest technologies is essential to ensure competitiveness and business continuity. One of the most recent developments, to which many organisations have had to adapt, is the emergence of remote working. How can we use this new modality to respond to the social and economic challenges of the future?

Our next webinar, taking place on 27 May, organised by FITS (Future Innovation Tailor-Made School), in collaboration with IED and iil (IED Innovation Lab), will address how this new tool can provide value to business processes.

Hernando Mestre, Lead Consultant of Strategic Communication and Innovation at the Consultancy Azurian Transforma, and Founding Partner of Contakta, will demonstrate the importance of organising work teams from home and structuring effective meetings in times of crisis and uncertainty. To do this, he will explain the design methodologies that allow for the development of an environment that encourages effective collaboration, and that add value to the organisation.

Date: Wednesday 27 May

Time: 18:30 (Spanish time)

Language: Spanish

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