Professor Horge Pérez, Director of I+EDlab, accepts invitation of Innoprom
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Professor Horge Pérez, Director of I+EDlab, accepts invitation of Innoprom


Yekaterinburg City of Ural Region is becoming a favorite destination of IED in Russia.

Professor Horge Pérez, Director of I+EDlab, accepts invitation of Innoprom, Annual International Industrial Trade Fair, as a speaker of Future of Designer Education in Russia and Abroad Panel, moderated by Maria Tvardovskaya, representative of international design institutions in Russia.

On July 14 at Pavilion 4 together with his international colleagues Professor Pérez will discuss challenges faced by modern design education, trying to find a solution to the general problem with quality dialog between institutions of higher learning and their graduates, industrialists and businesses on one hand, and new opportunities and threats associated with the fourth industrial revolution, on the other hand. For a good half of the 20th century, designer education was developing rather steadily and managed to adapt to the digital revolution and industrial innovations.  Nowadays, design is becoming a core human activity that evolves from mere object and space design into a more global concept of systems and services design where it encompasses various levels and works closely with other disciplines. What will the future hold for designer education once technologies completely change our lives?

Professor Pérez will evaluate projects at the Forma Contest of Ural University of Architecture and Art, Education Partner of IED in Russia, sharing the best practices of industrial design at IED Turin in occasion of GLOBAL INDUSTRIAL DESIGN FORUM 2016.

IED Barcellona celebrating 50 years anniversary of  infinite creativity will grant a scholarship at the Design for Russian Technologies Contest of Rosteh – Summer Course of Design Thinking and Co-creation with a total value of Euro 3000.

Want to know more about IED at Ural and other places of Russia? Register here and we will be happy to share latest news with you and even talk to you individually in Russian via phone or Skype.

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