CBI Final presentations at Fusion Point

Project: Seat Mergo |

Project: Seat Mergo

CBI Final presentations at Fusion Point


IED Barcelona
Biada 11 Barcelona, 08012
IED Barcelona
IED Barcelona
CBI Final presentations at Fusion Point CBI Final presentations at Fusion Point CBI Final presentations at Fusion Point

Tracking systems that check the condition of foodstuffs before they are sold, wearables to solve gender inequalities in the work-life balance, and solutions for turning household wastewater into drinking water are just some of the projects presented at CERN during the Challenge Based Innovation 2018 event.

Come to Fusion Point on 28 January and discover first-hand how CBI helps to forge much closer links between society and science thanks to multidisciplinary teams composed of business, engineering and design students.

The presentations will introduce the proof-of concept prototypes the student teams have developed to tackle a wide range of societal challenges guided by ONU’s Sustainable Development Goals and inspired by people and research at CERN.

Date: 28 January.

Place: Fusion Point, Av. Torreblanca, 59 E-08172 Sant Cugat, Barcelona.

Time: 12 p.m.

Limited places available.

If you wish to attend our event, please register here.

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