IED participates at the Global Grad Show during Dubai Design Week
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IED participates at the Global Grad Show during Dubai Design Week


A new edition of the Global Grad Show will take place on November 12th to 16th during the Dubai Design Week and IED Barcelona will be there with three projects:

EMA by Anastasiia Kuliabina is a purpose to transform ECG in a friendly experience for kids thanks to wireless technology. Also, Water Wall project, created during the last edition of the Challenge-Based Innovation, will be present at the fair with one of their designers, the 4th year Product Design student Francesco Lucini.  The project is a home water management system that features three filters: a sand filter, an activated charcoal filter, and a plasma filter. The rest of the team was composed by Miguel Sanchez (ESADE), Roberto Alfredo (ESADE) y Sara El Mehtar (UPC Barcelona).

The last project will be from the CBI too: WE-BE, a relationship wellbeing device halfway between a piece of jewelry and a high – tech ‘wearable’. The solution is designed to raise awareness on gender inequality and unpaid labor, and to boost partners’ commitment to avoiding imbalances in the way their roles and tasks are shared within the relationship. The project was created by Bruna Camaroti (IED Barcelona), Heloise Simonneaux-Lanoix (IED Barcelona), Guillem Paris (UPC), Pol Carrera (UPC) and Max Braeger (ESADE).

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