Munari, the total artist

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Project: Síntesi

Munari, the total artist


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Munari, the total artist Munari, the total artist Munari, the total artist

The egg has the perfect shape, even if it’s laid from the ass.B. Munari

This is among the most famous quotes by Bruno Munari (Milan 1907-1998), one of the key figures in 20th century art and design. Munari introduced significant revolutions in the field of visual (and non-visual) expression and also conducted an in‑depth study into how children learn creativity and fantasy by playing.

Raffaella Perrone, the Managing Director of the Design Department, delivered a talk on Wednesday 19 December entitled “Bruno Munari: The total artist” that was open to the entire IED community. To mark the 20th anniversary since Munari’s passing, Perrone looked back over his biography, lingering particularly on some of the artist/designer’s most distinctive themes such as divergent thinking, the differences between creativity and fantasy, and it’s multidisciplinary approach. 

Among the topics mentioned during the talk, which took place inside the IED library, were the useless machines created between 1935 and 1945, the Falkland lamp and educational children’s books to boost creativity using colours, papers, textures and transparencies.