International scholarship competition for master courses 21/22

Project: Seat Mergo |

Project: Seat Mergo

International scholarship competition for master courses 21/22


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IED Barcelona
IED Barcelona
International scholarship competition for master courses 21/22 International scholarship competition for master courses 21/22 International scholarship competition for master courses 21/22

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design, “Aldo Galli “ Academy of Fine Arts and Kunsthal Centro Superior de Diseño SL offer 32 scholarships to support those young designers who want to attend a Master course in Italy or Spain* and boost their training path with a study experience abroad. The scholarship will cover 50% of the tuition fee!

To apply, students are asked to develop a project on the main topic Distances, following the given briefing.

Download the Regulation and register to the contest.


* Students residing in Italy can apply for scholarships for courses offered in Spain and vice versa. Students residing in all other countries can apply indifferently for courses offered in Italy or Spain.



– Choose the course you want to apply for and register using the form on this page. Participation is subject to the registration.

– Read carefully Regulations and Briefing and arrange the required documents according to the “Concept features and format” (art. 4) and the “Required documents” (art. 5).


– Participation is strictly reserved to Candidates who have reached 18 years at the moment of application, in possession of a bachelor degree or – equivalent qualification – or having a job experience in the relevant field.

– Candidates must show proficiency in the language of the course: B2 – as minimum level – is required.



The last months of our lives as individuals have been marked by the awareness of the value of distance.
The social distance; the geographical distance of work; our relationships; the planet made small by the increasingly easy and suddenly interrupted movements; the planet made very small by the need to stay at home; the distance between families, groups and individuals because of their economic status; the proxemics in different cultures (Italians no longer shake hands, in the East no one ever shakes hands); the distance that increases between those who produce and those who consume (food, sales, etc.); the distance finally zeroed with the family with whom one lives; the distance recovered with nature; the reduced distance that animals and flowers have shown towards the built and inhabited world.
The distance between countries.
The distance with the great problems of our lives that have become small.

Conduct your research based on the topic stated in the Brief, in two steps:

1. Imagine a new product or update an existing one (product, service, garment, visual campaign) that may contribute to reduce distance or to transform it into a value to improve individuals lives and future generations. Focus on something relevant to the specific course you’re interested in and comment on the reasons behind your proposal.

2. If you already have a design portfolio, choose one of your design ideas that might be in continuity with the one identified before, and describe it. If none of your projects is related, please develop it or write a brief relevant and aligned to the requirements.

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